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ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association is rightfully considered the leader in the development and manufacturing of torque rods in Russia. Today, while taking into account market conditions and consumer demands, the Chelny company produces about 90 different types of torque rods of its own design, which are intended for both Russian and foreign commercial vehicles.

The enterprise quality assurance system doesn't just cover every stage of development and manufacturing of automotive components, in this case the torque rods, but also facilitates continuous improvement of product and process quality by identifying the causes for potential defects and taking preventive actions. This includes defects identified during the quality control testing prior to inclusion into production series, as well as those found during the operation by the end users of ROSTAR auto parts – the drivers of commercial vehicles.

In this case, the company is interested in the V-stay 15612919012 for the Volvo trucks during the operation of which several cases of depressurization of the protective cover of the central hinge were identified. In this regard, ROSTAR is addressing all drivers of Volvo trucks - if you have found a similar defect in a rod of the given type, please contact us by phone or email listed below. Depending the vehicle's region of operation, we will offer a convenient way to replace this rod and compensate your expenses.

Phone numbers:
Office: +7 (8-8552)- 77-86-73, ex. 449;
Mobile: +7-927-248-44-15;
Chebanenko, Vasily Nikolaevich