Warranty Policy of ROSTAR

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ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association offers its customers a one year unlimited mileage warranty on products in 2012.

This warranty is based on the full accountability of the company for the manufacturing of auto parts bearing the trademark of ROSTAR. Namely, for the quality of the materials used, construction design, and compliance with the manufacturing process.

The company guarantees prompt response to client inquiries and full customer satisfaction. In particular, during the warranty period ROSTAR guarantees either to replace a defective product within three days with a new one, or to reimburse the full product cost. For this, the customer must submit electronic documents confirming the defect of the auto part and a proof of purchase from ROSTAR or a dealer.

The company puts high warranty accountability for the cooperation between its customers and the organization on its business partners. During the period of the warranty on auto parts with the trademark of ROSTAR, its dealers and business partners must actively participate not only in implementing the warranty policy of ROSTAR, but also in preparation of the documents required for prompt and correct warranty decisions as well as facilitate in the resolution of warranty issues and claims in the most timely manner.

Such warranty guarantee once again reaffirms the reputation acquired by ROSTAR as a manufacturer of quality auto components, the cornerstone of which is the strive for the complete satisfaction of the consumers who choose the products bearing the trademark ROSTAR.