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Dear Customer,

We thank you for your selection of our product. We do our best to ensure meeting your quality and safety requirements to all our products.

We guarantee that this component was produced, tested and checked in line with Russian state rules and regulations and it was confirmed as conforming product.

If you follow the rules of our product use correctly we will replace you free the faulty detail during guarantee period of time. The guarantee period of time starts from the date of the component purchasing from our firm or our official dealer.

To receive more detailed information concerning our guarantee commitment and after-sale customer service, please contact:

Makarova Snezhana Sergeevna

Position: Senior engineer claims

Phone: (8552) 77-86-72 EXT. 1236


Guarantee Procedure Instruction for dealers

1. Read NPO Rostar LLC guarantee policy carefully.
2. Print and fill in the Customer Claim blank.
3. Send to kanc.redtruck@rostar.biz scanned copies of:
  • Customer Claim
  • Guarantee receipt
  • Paycheck for the faulty component
  • Invoice
  • Broken component photo
(In case of full set of these documents we can answer in 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately without some of these documents we can answer only in three days. You can also send these documents by fax to +7 (8552) 77-86-80).
4. Inform the customer after Rostar official response reception

ATTENTION: Please provide the every customer with the guarantee receipt on the component sold.

Files for download: