ROSTAR has the full range of high-tech equipment. Besides we implement  a “5S” system in workshops.

Forge shop

Produces forgings for ball joints and track rod ends and cuts wire and tubes to semi-finished pieces. There are two wedge rolling lines, stamping and deflashing presses, heat treatment and blast cleaning equipment as well as equipment for disc cutting.

High-efficient wedge rolling lines make forgings of rotary parts with diameter of 40-90 mm and length up to 4000 mm. The equipment allows forging of pieces weighing up to 17 kg.

Stamping shop

Produces parts made of sheet metal, such as cups for rubber metal joints, cups for track rods, wheel chucks and air spring parts. There are guillotine shears (which are used for cutting metal sheets), crank presses, hydraulic presses, plate bending machine, KEMPI semiautomatic welder for assembly and welding.

Machining and Track rod end shop

Has a wide range of machinery: from special purpose or all purpose machines to robotized transfer lines. This enables us to produce parts of various shapes and weight (starting with 100 g up to 100kg). The machining proceeds in closed cycle.

Rubber mechanical goods shop

Rubber goods production is one of the ROSTAR main activities. Today the assortment of rubber goods has more than 200 items. We mastered the production of following vibration absorbing parts: pads, compression bumpers, bushings without fittings, silentblocks for Russian and European trucks.

The capacity of three REP injection-molding machines is about 300.000 rubber-metal joints per month.

Assembly and paint shop

About 40-45 thousand track rods, levers of rear suspension arm and air springs are assembled every month. Our products go through the two step quality control system and are laser-marked.

On painting line, chassis parts are painted with polymeric powder paint. Parts on the line pass the complete cycle from cleansing to painting with polymeric-powder paint. On customer request, we can prime the goods with paint and varnish materials before painting.

There is also a nine-zone set for chemical surface preparation (it is used for degreasing  and phosphating treatment of the product, followed by passivation) and five  compartments: for drying, for priming, for drying after priming, for powder painting and polymerization. Goods are transported automatically with the help of a continuous conveyor.

Paint line enables us to paint goods in accordance with the demands of leading auto-component manufacturers. We took into account the Volvo company requirements when we projected this line.