ROSTAR laboratory scope is material analysis and testing. Our conclusions are precise and reliable and their reliability is confirmed with relevant Russian State accreditation.

The list of tests we perform:

  1. Complete steel and cast iron metallographic analysis:
    • Hardness analysis (according to Rockwell, Brinnel or Vickers methods);
    • Macrostructural analysis;
    • Microstructural analysis.
  2. Chemical content analysis of:
    • structural carbon steels;
    • medium alloy steels;
    • tool steels (65, 18, 655, 12, 8, 10);
  3. Plating bath content analysis using
    • Titration method:
      • Identification of sodium hydrate , sodium carbonate and sodium phosphate in cleaner;
      • Etching solution analysis (chlorohydric and sulfuric acids concentration determination);
      • Molybdenum disulphide content determination in rubber compounds and products.
    • potentiometric method of measurement:
      • Water hardness, electroconductivity, pH analysis.