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ROSTAR Invests in the Future
ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association takes on sponsorship of the only center of technical creativity for children in Naberezhnye Chelny. Today nearly fifteen hundred students of Naberezhnye Chelny study in its workshops and classes. Following its honorable sponsorship tradition, ROSTAR provides the resources to assist with the educational process as well as to organize a career-oriented project The Children's Technology Park 'Progress'.

In the first semester of 2012 with active support of the company, Naberezhnye Chelny will host a Scientific and Technical Conference From Concept to Implementation which aims to engage students of colleges, universities, and vocational-technical schools (UNPO); and a science and technology exhibition Innovator 2012 for children and students of educational centers. In addition, ROSTAR plans to provide summer internship opportunities for the students of the Center for Child and Juvenile Technical Creativity #5, and to allow students to learn about the company ahead of time field trips will be organized to manufacturing sites and meetings with employee representatives and company engineers.

The director of the Center, Munira Hazieva, comments the appearance of such a sponsor: "I am grateful to Sergey Mikhailovich Kluchnikov, the Director General of ROSTAR, for his deep understanding of the role of technical creativity in children or young adults, its potential, and his effort to elevate it up to the modern standards. I think he's a wise and visionary leader who looks to the future, and is addressing the challenge of training future specialists today. It is in exactly such a partnership, the Center - UNPO, College - Enterprise, that I envision a way for innovation and modernization of our life.

The Center of Child and Juvenile Technical Creativity # 5 is one of a kind not only in Naberezhnye Chelny, but in the whole country. First, it is the only institution of supplementary education for children that focuses exclusively on technological disciplines. Second, and perhaps the most important, for all children is that the classes are absolutely free. The institution's meager budget can only cover the teachers' salaries and the utilities.

In the opinion of the center's director Munira Hazieva, the main development of recent years was the award of an equipment grant two years ago by the venture fond of the republic. "And here we had to battle to get all the exact materials and CNC machines necessary for the Center to educate children. All the while, the achievements of children who are taking classes in introductory technical modeling, rocket automobile and aircraft modeling, wood carving, and other disciplines, have been recognized by numerous medals and prizes at craftsmanship exhibitions for children and teenagers - from local to national level".

- "There are seven similar establishments of supplementary education in the Republic of Tatarstan, - says Munira Hazieva - But nowhere else are there this many victories and awards, such a strong faculty, such a large number of students. Children who come here are not necessarily straight A or even B students. Among our students there are many underprivileged children from families that have no money to spend on paid workshops or sport clubs. By the beginning of this school year we found ourselves on the edge of survival.

The partnership with ROSTAR, believes Munira Ravilevna was an anchorage for the Center. We have developed a plan for a cooperation. The Center's director believes that the sponsorship of ROSTAR can raise the technical creativity of the children of Chelny to a higher level. In collaboration with ROSTAR the Center's director hopes to realize the creation of a children's techno park, that will incorporate the children's municipal bureau for the development of modern technologies. The goal of the bureau is not merely to teach how to make a plane, but to raise a technically creative and literate child who later will become a great engineer, well-rounded experts.

The partnership agreement with ROSTAR provided the Center of Child and Juvenile Technical Creativity with a chance to operate and grow successfully.