ROSTAR Goes to Exhibition

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Participation in exhibitions of such a size is a good opportunity to not only show off our products, but also to find new partners and sign profitable contracts. Such contracts are vital for any fast developing company.
Our company will be participating in MMAC-2008 for the second time. The first time we participated in the exhibition was last year. The first time was only a trial run - this year ROSTAR goes to the exhibition readier than ever.
The company will present a wide variety of manufactured products for trucks of both Russian and foreign manufacturing at the exhibition. In particular, the visitors will see 16 modifications of torque rods, six types of gear shift handles, and rubber-metal joints for imported trucks.
We are confident that the exhibition booth of ROSTAR will create the same keen interest as last year; the participation of our company in the exhibition will assist us in finding new partners and get mutually beneficial contracts.