We’ve Been Spotted!

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We’ve Been Spotted!
Samat Sattarov, Financial Director of ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association, welcomed the guests with open arms. He then gave them a tour of the manufacturing departments, told them about the company and answered their questions. The guests were mainly interested in numbers and facts - in other words, the positive aspects of our partnership with the bank. Why is that? The fact is AKIBANK celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, and therefore we decided to organize a media tour for it. What does ROSTAR have to do with it? We are one of the bank favorite clients!
Who wouldn’t want to know what a pleasure it is to work with them? Everyone was in hurry, but smiling the entire time - it is good to be here at our company.
– The main advantage in working with AKIBANK is a trustful relationship, - said Samat Sattarov. To be exact: not only do we trust them, but they also trust us.