Customer Gives High Marks

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- With the help of auto components of the ROSTAR brand, we have successfully solved the most difficult issues - the operational supply of auto parts for the Howo tipper-trucks, regardless of the order volume and cost - that is how the president of HowoUral, Evgeniy Gimranov, describes his business relationship with ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association.

The Chelyabinsk company HowaUral is one of the largest suppliers of auto parts for the tipper-trucks of the Chinese make Howo. Geographically, their supply coverage extends far beyond the Urals – from the western Yaroslavl and Belgorod to the eastern Khabarovsk and Petropalvovsk-na-Kamchatke.

The company's specialization forces it to place special attention to the quality of the supplied auto parts. It is not a secret to anyone, that the Chinese auto parts are infamous for their low quality and high defect rate. Often it is the fault of the Chinese manufacturers, who employ questionable methods to lower production costs and, consequently, the price of its products, but also of the wholesalers who fall for the low prices to gain ambiguous benefits. Trucking companies incur serious losses due to stoppages caused by unforeseen technical failures.

"One of the sore points for everyone who uses Chinese trucks", says Evgeniy Gimranov, “is the low quality of torque rods in the vehicle' suspension. What haven't we tried to resolve this problem. It either turned out to be too expensive with modest quality, or affordable but with no quality whatsoever. This went on until we started working with ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association. After signing the agreement, we immediately realized all the advantages of this partnership. HowoUral found a reliable source of quality auto parts, and our clients – high quality torque rods at a very reasonable price, which proved their durability and survivability under periods of heavy and extended work load. This is very important, because the main transports of our clients are large dump truck used on road-building and quarry projects, where the loads on the drive train are much higher than under average road conditions".

“We hope", states Evgeniy Gimranov, “that our cooperation will strengthen and broaden. Discussions are under way to establish at ROSTAR the production of other auto parts for Chinese trucks."