TecDoc Is Good for ROSTAR

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TecDoc Is Good for ROSTAR
Atarting at the beginning of this year the list of ROSTAR auto parts will be posted to the electronic TecDoc catalog – the largest and most popular search engine widely used by wholesale and retail parts store chains.

TecDoc allows for a quick and convenient search and selection of auto parts for all brands of European market by processing their original or replacement part numbers. The database provides information on the manufacturer code, catalog of auto part numbers and information about their applicability and compatibility, drawings, photos, measurements and other useful miscellaneous details. One can search for an auto part of a vehicle by its engine, model, or axle and apply filters by its brand or manufacturer.

In the first quarter of 2012 TecDoc published information on 60,000,000 auto parts from more than 450 European manufacturers.

Therefore, publishing the information about ROSTAR parts in the online TecDoc catalog has far-reaching implications.

The software is offered in dozens of different languages which significantly broadens its user base and, therefore, the customer base of auto part consumers. This will stimulate the growth of sales and of the product range, expanding their geographic coverage. And also, the actual placement of the ROSTAR trademark and brand next to the names of world famous manufacturers of auto parts should, on its own, significantly strengthen the reputation and brand image of the ROSTAR, will serve as a powerful tool in company's productive growth.