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Excellent Rod
V-Rod ROSTAR was awarded the certificate for winning the prestige all-Russia 100 Best Products of Russia contest in the category Industrial and Technology Products.

The awarding ceremony for the winners of the 100 Best Products of Russia and Best Products of the Republic of Tatarstan contests took place on November 29th at Kazan National Cultural Center. The certificate of a laureate affirms the ROSTAR competitive edge and testifies to the high quality of ROSTAR auto components. Other company products were also given awards in the 100 Best Products of Russia contest which further confirms ROSTAR advantages. These products are a crimping rod, a crimping torque rod and a repair torque rod joint.

ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association is a fast growing company in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The company develops and manufactured automotive components for foreign and local commercial vehicles. ROSTAR became one of few participants of the contest that was able to gather such a collection of awards. In addition to the above awards, the regional Best Products of the Republic of Tatarstan contest awarded the laureate certificates for the product V-rod and the certificates of winning for the products crimping rod, crimping torque rod, torque rod joint, repair torque rod joint and gear shift handle.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan congratulated the finalists of the contest and highlighted: "Companies that manufacture this kind of products keep abreast of time while greatly considering the wishes of the consumers of goods and services".

It is worth mentioning that the all-Russia contest is held in two categories - Products and Services, and takes place in two phases. The first phase is regional. In the Republic of Tatarstan this is called the Best Products of the Republic of Tatarstan contest. The winners of that phase are moved up to the second phase of the contest - national, which is called the 100 Best Products of Russia contest. The main goals of this prestigious contest include: quality improvement, safety and general promotion of marketability of national products. The contest also promotes widely informing consumers about best national products and manufactures, introducing modern management methods, preparing companies to participate in the Russian Federation Government Prize of Quality; supporting companies that participate in local projects. Ultimately, the contest was designed to effectively promote companies in achieving their strategic goals of steady development in the current economic situation.

According to the Contest Regulations on Quality and Logotype, the participating companies of the national phase of the 100 Best Products of Russia contest have the right to place a logo of the Program (golden logo - for laureates, silver logo - for winners) on participating product packaging and documentation. Therefore, the following auto components of ROSTAR are entitled to use the logo: the ROSTAR V-rod, the crimping rod, the crimping torque rod and the repair torque rod joint.

More information on the contest: The Best Products of the Republic of Tatarstan contest of 2011 gathered 416 products and services from 212 regional companies. The selection committee confirmed 162 laureates, 176 certificates of the first degree winning and 44 certificates of the second degree winning. Then 149 products and services went on to participate in the national phase of the 100 Best Products of Russia contest, out of which 62 became laureates and 87 were awarded the winning certificates.