Transport tax in Russia will be cancelled in 2011

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The transport tax in Russia will probably be cancelled since 2011. Sergey Ivanov, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation declared it at a meeting of Commission on Transport and Communication. "I believe, this news will please many motorists who for some reasons seldom use their vehicles, but however are compelled to pay this tax just like everybody else", - Sergey Ivanov told. As he said, now the car owners expenses for car maintenance will be defined "first of all by the quantity of fuel consumed". As the Deputy Prime Minister noted, the government of the Russian Federation would increase excise duties for oil products since 2011 for replenishment of road funds, "which is a world practice". Also, as he said, additional funding of federal road facilities may come from introduction of fares on public highways for vehicles of total weight exceeding 12 tons, as well as the income from joining of road services and compensation of damage to the roads of federal value. As a whole Sergey Ivanov stated that "whatever scenario of economic development of the country may be" the expenses on the road facilities will not decrease.