A new look at the packaging.

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In the period from January 29 to February 1, 2013, our specialists have visited the 21st International specialized exhibition "PACKING / PACKAGING ITALY 2013" held in "Expocentr" Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow.

The exhibition featured news industry: machinery and equipment for the production of packaging, packaging equipment, packaging materials, packaging and auxiliary packaging means.

Particular attention was drawn semiautomatic and automatic moulders zakleyschiki boxes that reduce the time and effort spent on manual creation box. Line to stretch thin, which are gradually gaining a niche in the field of transport packaging. Were presented to the system of protection against theft (indicating seals, filling tape).

Visiting the exhibition will be a good basis for creating partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers of packaging machinery and packaging materials. What I saw at the show, as well as the information, certainly a good basis for further work on the implementation of new technologies, as well as continue to work on improving the quality of packaging.