New Style of Traditional Quality

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This autumn if you see a familiar logo on a box with unfamiliar design, be sure- it is ROSTAR. We just changed the packing! ROSTAR products used to be sold in two types of boxes:
  • White-blue boxes - contained parts for home-produced commercial vehicles
  • Black-yellow boxes - contained parts for commercial vehicles of foreign manufacture
Now the packing looks differently. Old boxes will be substituted with new ones gradually, but we plan to finish this process by the end of autumn 2012. The division principle remains unchanged and the colors are actually the same but this time we apply them in another way:
  • Beige boxes with a white color logo on a blue background are used for components for domestic commercial vehicles;
  • Beige boxes with yellow color logo on a black background contain parts for commercial vehicles produced abroad
Due to this solution the ROSTAR logo is the first thing that catches the eye. Its very important as it prevents from forging and selling products using the familiar for customer colors.