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- that's how Artem Zdunov, Under Secretary of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan, summed up the results of his meeting with the staff of the ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association held on the 24 February.

- Today in Russia about 30 regional clusters are being created, including the Kama economic region with its center in Naberezhnye Chelny. Each one of these regions has strong scientific, technological, industrial and economic potential, which creates all the prerequisites for their further effective development.

It is in these types of regional clusters - the driving force of our national economy - that the Russian government is planning to invest the necessary financial resources. The main part of these government subsidies will be distributed as federal grants intended to promote an effective realization of the development projects of particular enterprises and organizations.

In this context ROSTAR can become an active receiver of the government grants, says Artem Zdunov. The company has all the necessary prerequisites for this. First, it is one of the most dynamically growing enterprises of the republic today, a leader among the manufacturers of automobile components; second, it doesn't look back, rather it is engaged in a large-scale modernization of its manufacturing capacities, mastering of modern technologies, development of new products that are unique in their consumer qualities. Third, automobile components with the trademark of ROSTAR are produced not only for national commercial transport, but practically for all commercial vehicles of well-known foreign brands..

- I have reviewed the business of your enterprise in detail - said the Under Secretary - and recommend that you submit a detailed plan of its future development as soon as possible, so we can add it to the list of candidates for the government investments. You deserved this; it could become a real impetus in the future development of ROSTAR and provide reinforcement of its role as a leader in the production of auto components for the national and foreign commercial transport.

In a word - concluded his speech Artem Zdunov - the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan would like to be your reliable partner and to provide all the necessary support.