Correcting Mistakes

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ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association values its reputation in the industry and is always on top of any issues related to the quality of manufactured products.
In the beginning of the summer, the testing department discovered the defect of torque rod 1340 series while performing a round of checks. The defect is related to the unintended release of lock rings. The cause of the defect is believed to be low quality of the lock ring itself. Testing has confirmed these results. We have also received a few calls from MAN truck drivers (with installed 1340 series torque rod) confirming this issue. The company has reacted quickly and the defected torque rods were promptly replaced. In case of discovering this issue, the following actions are to be taken.
In regards to the supplier of the defected lock rings, ROSTAR discontinued its partnership with this supplier, due to non-conformity of the product, and will be placing an order for lock rings with a different supplier in the near future. In addition to the above actions, our company has implemented a few steps that are targeted to promptly identify potential defects of auto components arriving at ROSTAR. The new procedure includes reinforcing incoming product control and performing more frequent testing of all ROSTAR products, including torque rods.
Any driver who discovered a defected ROSTAR torque rod 1340 series, should call ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association at +7 (8552) 77-86-72, ext. 221 or 209. The caller will be offered a replacement part at the nearest service center or an exchange of the part at a dealer location.