In the course of the planned raid on the identification of counterfeit products of Economic Security NPO "Rostar" was recorded the sale of jet rod, which simulates the design and appearance of the patented products of this company, but experienced professionals and to the naked eye it was evident that such a spare part, this is clearly is not. In all, the individual entrepreneur, sell these parts, there were 16 such jets rods are in compliance with all legal procedures were seized by law enforcement agencies to conduct a competent and expert evaluation.

What does the examination

Expert opinion was clearly established that the seized and submitted for examination sample uses all the essential features that are listed in the list of valid patent number 64045 for industrial design "Reactive equalizer rod suspension truck (three options)." This patent issued by the Russian Patent Office at the request of NPO "Rostar" under the number 2006501467. In this case, any license agreements for the production of the spare parts, with no one concluded. Also, experts found that the submitted sample is not a product of production NPO "Rostar." That is, in fact, there has been a violation of patent law and the illegal use of another's invention, for financial gain.

Perpetrator punished

Naturally, we went to the police. Naberezhnye Chelny city court on the basis of the totality of the evidence collected in the case and examination decided to accept reseller guilty of an offense, sentenced him to a fine, and all were seized from an individual entrepreneur torque arms to destroy. In this case, the court did not seeing any mitigation of punishment. This ruling was appealed by the defendant in the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan, who left this resolution in force.

Comment representative ROSTAR

At the Department of Economic Security NPO "Rostar":
- Our company has positioned itself solely as a law-maker. All spare parts are produced by NPO "Rostar" pass the necessary certification. All rights reserved Company legally patenting. This is necessary not only in order to maintain the excellent reputation of the company (and we're now at this very seriously), but, above all, to ensure the safe operation of vehicles by consumers. It is no secret that unscrupulous manufacturers do not guarantee the performance of all necessary in the production process, otherwise they would have had their own patents, and would not engage in mimicry by reputable manufacturers. We are all regulated - from the selection of the highest quality source material, then along the entire line-production with the most modern technologies, and right up to the final product. In addition, traditionally applied to all products ROSTAR laser marking. And another innovation: in 2013 all the replacement parts made by our company are sold in a new original packaging. All this together allows us to provide our customers with proprietary warranty on all our products for 1 year unlimited mileage within which is a free replacement spare parts.

We are for the safety on the roads, so will continue to extremely hard to stop all cases of fraud and counterfeit!