The Trick Is in the Crimping Cover

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The Trick Is in the Crimping Cover
ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association is rightfully considered the leading manufacture of torque rods in Russia. Today the company manufactures around 90 different types and sizes of torque rods. All types of torque rods are developed in-house and are designed for commercial vehicles of Russian and foreign manufacturing: all-forged, crimping, adjustable, V-rods, etc...

All torque rods are designed with current market conditions and consumer requests in mind. This consideration has also been given to the new product line of torque rods - torque rods with crimped covers for foreign vehicles.

According to the statistics, every forth break of torque rods in foreign vehicles (when a vehicle is used in Russia) is caused by lock rings breaking away and causing further breakdown of the rubber-metal joints. This information served as the base for developing and launching torque rods with a rubber-metal joint coupling and bolted covers for foreign vehicles by ROSTAR. The product is different from other products where the lock ring is pressed into the torque rod body.

First of all, as mentioned above, this design ensures higher torque rod reliability and overall vehicle safety in Russian weather and road conditions. Secondly, the rubber-metal joint coupling with bolted cover facilitates suspension repair and maintenance: the crimping cover of the torque rod can be removed with a wrench, then the rubber-metal joint can be replaced without any special tools - both can be done by any driver. This repair quality increases the usability of the torque rod and the suspension itself. Thirdly, due implemention of European manufacturing processes, our company was able to lower the costs of these torque rods while preserving all quality characteristics and making them comparable to the torque rods manufactured in other countries. All of the above, affirms the usability and competitive edge of the ROSTAR torque rods compared to other lock ring torque rods.

Currently ROSTAR is launching production of serial torque rods with crimping covers for European MAN, IVECO and DAF trucks.