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But that has not happened since January of this year the company introduced a new rule that will allow staff to line production and TDI simplify each other. This is an e-mail, which is based on the order number 214 of 27 December 2007, an official status. - The purpose of innovation - to improve the quality of information exchange among employees of the company, - said deputy general director on strategic development of the company, Arkady D. Sindimirov. - This will significantly reduce the loss of time in the transfer of documents to each other. In fact, many employees often have to deal with the tasks assigned to them, in the far distance, but not in the same office. Exceptions may be interactions that require urgent and prompt action. Use innovation can any member of ROSTAR. However, working with each other through e-mail, each of them will have to abide by a set of rules: a copy of the letters must be sent supervisors, decision makers as well as stored in the archives of all electronic correspondence within three months.