Aimed at the Future

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In the nearest future practically all the employees of the company will become the objects and subjects of education. The corporate University was organized in Rostar. Creation of such a University, as its director Maxim Ivanov believes, is the sign of maturity, stability in the competitive environment, aspiration for concrete result of the company, which secures confidence in the future. It is not a traditional educational institution, where students are taught the chosen specialty it is educational system, directed on unceasing and continuous education of the staff, control of knowledge, progress, education of employees, which must become guarantee of effective realization of concrete tasks of the company, today and for the future. Necessity of such a complex overall education is dictated by the time. Corporate university is, to begin with, a forward looking education with clear vision of perspective specialists of that level of competence, with that knowledge and skills will be needed for the company in the nearest future, in order to win in the competitive battle. One of the main tasks of Corporate University is, according to the words of Maxim Ivanov, - to create the system, when a person is educated in the process of work, when each employee understands, that due to education he will be more successful in work, and that means, that his work will be estimated more highly and, therefore, better paid for. Such a system, when employees within the company understand the education as necessary and very important part not only of work, but in general of their life, when they have need for constant education and perfection.