Abroad with a new driving license

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A new type of international driving license has recently entered into force in Russia. It looks like a book translating the national driving license into a number of world languages. To get it, it is necessary to contact the Traffic Police Department (GIBDD), fill in an application form, present a passport and a Russian driving license, a medical certificate, a photo (size 35 by 45 mm) on matte paper and, whenever possible, the international passport. The state duty for the new license makes one thousand rubles. The licenses of old type will be valid till the end of their term and do not need replacement. It is theoretically possible to use abroad a Russian driving license of the old type. "As the Russian driving license issued since March, 1st, 2011, takes into account all the amendments, moved into the Traffic Convention 1968, citizens should not have problems using the license in the countries-participants of the Convention", ITAR-TASS agency quotes the words of Major-General of Police Vladimir Kuzin, the Deputy Chief of Traffic Safety Department of the MIA of Russia. However, if the document was issued before March, 1st, 2011, there can be difficulties at dialogue both with foreign road services, and with employees of rent-a-car companies. Also there can be problems in the countries which have not joined the mentioned Convention.