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Within the limits of the program of power savings ǻ has finished the first stage of the project of compressor stations modernisation and has signed a contract with Joint-Stock Company Atlas Copko, which is a representative of the world manufacturer of the same name in Russia; the contract deals with carrying out of the second stage of actions for increase of power system effectiveness of compressed air. ǻ has long-standing communications with the company Atlas Copco. The majority of pneumatic tools and considerable amount of electric equipment used today on KAMAZ is production of this firm. It completely corresponds to the technical requirements. In particular, these are eight-spindle nut wrenches and two-spindle pneumatic system which are used for a simultaneous high-precision tightening. Besides, compressors of Atlas Copco GA 55 are established, for example, and on racing trucks of KAMAZ. To read the news in full Manufacture of trucks and diesel engines demands great volume of compressed air. Some years ago on KAMAZ they began to introduce the program of optimisation of power consumption. The most effective decisions were offered by the Joint-Stock Company Atlas Copko. The two compressor stations of "KAMAZ" were equipped by seven new compressor installations of ZH-series. They use advanced technologies, in particular, hi-tech block of air compression and system of productivity regulation. It provides a possibility of control and change of volumes of power consumption depending on the actual expense of compressed air. Thus some old centrifugal compressors have been taken out of service. Under the newly-signed contract, the Joint-Stock Company Atlas Copko in the end of summer 2011 will deliver 21 centrifugal air compressor of ZH-series, refrigerator dehumidifiers and screw oil compressors to KAMAZ. They also consider the following step on the way of increase of power efficiency of compressor system heat recuperation from cooling liquid. The hot water received at compressor cooling, can be used in showers, for room heating or preliminary heating of boilers. It will allow to increase power efficiency of several processes. Cooperation with the Russian subdivision of the company Atlas Copco, which is a leading global supplier of equipment and technological decisions on power efficiency increase, has great value for KAMAZ, the Director general assistant the technical director of "KAMAZ" Islamgarej Shigapov told, making comments on this event. For many years pneumatic tools, compressor installations, generators and other equipment of this world-famous firm have proved to be the best. We continue to improve the capacities in this sphere within the limits of the second stage of the planned actions. We hope that the equipment got by us will become an important technological help in realisation of our plans for the further optimisation of power consumption.