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The Sverdlovsk governor has visited KAMAZ
The governor of Sverdlovsk region Alexander Misharin has visited KAMAZ within the limits of his visit to Republic Tatarstan. Naberezhnye Chelny became the finishing point of a working trip of the Sverdlovsk governor to Tatarstan. Even before its arrival to our city a delegation had been working on KAMAZ, representing this largest Uralian region of Russia. The guests led by the Chairman of the government of Sverdlovsk region Anatoly Gredinym were accompanied by Deputy Director General of "KAMAZ" JSC Development Director Irek Gumerov. They visited the main assembly conveyor and the cabin assembly conveyor of the Automobile plant, and also the Scientific and technical centre of "KAMAZ". Here the governor of Sverdlovsk region Alexander Misharin and President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov joined them. At the exhibition of automotive technic of the company the First Deputy Director General of "KAMAZ" JSC - Chief Executive Yury Klochkov and the Chief Designer of KAMAZ Danis Valeev told the Ural guests about the basic samples of the truck range (KAMAZ-6520,-65226,-65115,-5308,-4308). The Governor and members of the delegation took special interest in the 4 trucks working on gas fuel methane. They were presented by Raphael Batyrshin, the Director General of "RariTEK" JSC an enterprise from Naberezhnye Chelny, a partner of KAMAZ dealing with release and service of truck and bus technics furnished with gas equipment. The visitors also visited some of the industrial objects of the tenants situated in Industrial park "Master", including the newly-opened Russian-German joint venture Mercedes Benz Traks East. Following the results of the visit it has been decided to create a working group, consisting of experts of Tatarstan and Sverdlovsk region, who will discuss the development of positions under possible joint projects.