Vladimir Putin has declared integration of MAZ and KamAZ

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Vladimir Putin has declared integration of  MAZ and KamAZ
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced the integration of the Russian KamAZ and the Belarus MAZ. But indeed it is too far to a real alliance, it will not be easy for the parties to agree upon a mutually advantageous scheme of association. KamAZ authorities only noted that they will agree to not less than a controlling stock of the Minsk enterprise. However the GAZ group has also offered itself to be a strategic partner of MAZ, and they are sure that the question is still to be discussed. We have a number of good, interesting projects in the investment sphere. I will mention only one of them association of actives of the largest automotive manufacturers KamAZ and MAZ, Vladimir Putin declared yesterday at the Russian-Belarus negotiations. As he said, the creation of such an alliance will raise competitiveness of both the enterprises. It is a step within the limits of our integration processes with reference to a real sector of economics, the Russian Prime Minister underlined. Let's remind that KamAZ had negotiations with MAZ still three years ago, but it had no practical result, and with the beginning of the crisis this question completely lost its urgency. Only in the end of the last year Director General of KamAz Sergey Kogogin declared renewal of negotiations. We are interested either in a controlling stock, or 100 % of actions, he marked then. According to the source RBC daily, the price question is the greatest obstacle on KAMAZ, for the Byelorussians have estimated MAZ as high as 2,5 milliard of dollars, that is more expensive than KamAZ itself. The price question is still being discussed, the interlocutor of RBC daily noted, specifying that it is impossible to consider the question of association of the enterprises completely solved. KamAZ authorities underline that the alliance will strengthen the positions of both Russian, and the Belarus enterprises. We can divide the market on segments, the interlocutor of RBC daily on KamAZ explained. He says, that KamAZ is still interested in least a controlling block of shares of the Minsk factory. However the First Vice-Premier of the Belarus government Vladimir Semashko declared in February that Belarus is not ready to give more than 49 % of actions of MAZ. Earlier the head of "Rostehnology" Sergey Chemezov declared that association of KamAZ and MAZ was supported by Daimler (they have 11 % of actions of KAMAZ factory), the EBRD (European Reconstruction and Development Bank - 4 %) and Troika Dialogue (27,26 %). However Daimler refused to make comments yesterday in the Russian representative office. According to the head of the project Auto-dealer.ru Oleg Datskiv, the association of KamAZ and MAZ will favor both parties. Besides money Belarus receives prospects, for besides Russia the Daimler Company becomes its partner as well. And KamAZ will receive a share of the market of the post-Soviet territory. Everybody will win, the expert said. In 2010 KamAZ has released 34 thousand of trucks; about 32 thousand of them have been sold. The Minsk enterprise has not officially declared its sales of the year, however according to National statistical committee, in 2010 in Belarus they have made 13,2 thousand of trucks. It is necessary to notice that KamAZ is not the only one who would like to get the Belarus enterprise. The GAZ group of Oleg Deripaska has also taken interest in it; they have suggested takeing management of MAZ for three years. Yesterday the GAZ group refused to make comments, however they assured that the question is still to be discussed.