"KAMAZ-METALLURGY" JSC will have re-certification

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Two audits at once will pass in the beginning of April in "KAMAZ-METALLURGY" JSC. The first audit will deal with the system of management of labour safety and professional safety and system of ecological management; the enterprise will be estimated on conformity to international standards OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001. The working condition of the systems in industrial divisions and services of KAMAZ metallurgists will be checked up by an old partner of KAMAZ Association on certification Russian Register. As a result of this the first re-certification "KAMAZ-METALLURGY" JSC will obtain new certificates of compliance. Therefore the check will be not selective, but complex. Besides, experts of "Russian Register will estimate the condition of Quality management system within the limits of the inspection audit. The second auditor check (TUV certification) will take place at Foundry and Forge plants in the first decade of April. Auditors will estimate the management system of "KAMAZ-METALLURGY" JSC from the point of view of qualitative management of processes and activity kinds. This check will be that of inspection character because "KAMAZ-METALLURGY" JSC has been re-certified in 2010.