Conference for oil industry workers

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Today KAMAZ is receiving a delegation of "Tatneft" JSC, one of the largest corporate clients of the Russian automotive giant. The guests have arrived on a working visit. A technical conference will take place within the limits of the visit, during which the KAMAZ experts will discuss problems of development of the industry and how the leader of the Russian motor industry can participate in their decision. Chief Designer of "KAMAZ" JSC Director of Scientific and technical centre Danis Valeev will tell in the report about "KAMAZ" JSC lineup (model range), developments on quality and resource improvement of Kama trucks. Director General of the Trading-financial company of "KAMAZ" JSC Oleg Ershov will present a product portfolio of the automotive giant plant for corporate clients, he will also outline questions of service and guarantee support of KAMAZ motor-vehicles. Some decisions of KAMAZ on updating of the automotive park with application of various schemes will be offered to the participants of the conference. The Leasing company "KAMAZ" will be presented by its Director General Alfija Kogogina. Certain interest of participants of the conference, undoubtedly, will be caused by a presentation of production of Mercedes Benz Trucks East JSC, joint venture of "KAMAZ" and its strategic partner "Daimler". The members of the delegation will visit Scientific and technical centre of "KAMAZ" and watch the exhibition of automotive machinery. The visitors will be shown the work of the main assembly conveyor at the Automobile Plant of "KAMAZ" JSC. The schedule includes visiting of KAMMINZ Kama, a joint venture located on the territory of "KAMAZ-DIESEL ENGINE" JSC. The visitors will also visit the moto centre "KAMAZ" of Naberezhnye Chelny. Later, in the General management office of "KAMAZ" JSC there will be a summing up of the event. "Tatneft" JSC is one of the largest domestic oil companies, a corporate client of KAMAZ, participating also in joint development of automobile machinery for oil and gas extraction branches of economy. "KAMAZ" JSC offers to oil industry workers and gas workers a wide spectrum of various universal and special automotive machines, which covers all consumer demand of the branch. Since 2001 more than hundred of new models of special equipment KAMAZ for petrol and gas branches have been mastered. Special "oil" enhancements for installation on KAMAZ truck chassis are released by more than 50 factories of Russia.