Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation

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The President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has officially thanked the collective of open joint-stock company "KAMAZ" for their contribution to technical maintenance of the team "KAMAZ-MASTER" who has achieved high sporting results in the international rally "Dakar-2011" It is told at the Presidents disposal 120-rp and in the letter addressed to the company management from the administration of the head of the Russian Federation. Thereby the President of the Russian Federation has once again underlined the major part of KAMAZ, its management, its experts and workers in the achievement of outstanding successes of the team "KAMAZ-MASTER" in off-road rallies. The company remains the main sponsor of the team and its technological base for maintenance of the teams needs in modern racing trucks, other machines and equipment throughout all the 23 years of its existence. Director General of "KAMAZ" JSC Sergey Kogogin has recently declared that the company intends to support the team "KAMAZ-MASTER" henceforth, as it is the best team in the world in this kind of sport. As off-road rallies are a technical sport, it is possible to tell, it is profile for primary activity of KAMAZ.