Manufacture of KAMAZ is growing

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The Automobile factory and other industrial divisions of "KAMAZ", maintaining a habitual rhythm of work, have exceeded the production target of February for goods production, despite of its being increased because of reception of additional orders. As a result the assembly conveyors of the finishing enterprise of the company have managed to produce more than 3,5 thousand of machine sets. It is 55 % better than the result of February, 2010. From the beginning of the current year over 5.9 thousand of machine sets have been made, which is 49 % more than during the two first months of the past year. To read news in full Let's remind that at the preliminary stage of formation of the production program for February it was supposed that the last three days of the month would be declared idle time because of underloading. However the management and administrative services of "KAMAZ" found a possibility of additional orders for 360 cars. As a matter of fact, it is a two-day task for manufacturing divisions of the company. The last day of February they already worked in the account of March which will be more intense, than the two last months. The manufacturing reserve will allow canceling additional labour shifts in the busiest divisions of "KAMAZ". The main engine assembly conveyor of "KAMAZ-DIESEL " and the joint Russian-American enterprise KAMMINZ Kama, which also enters the KAMAZ working cycle, have produced and delivered more than 3600 engines and power units for the Automobile factory and other consumers. It is almost 50 % better than during the similar period of the last year. From the beginning of the year 6400 units of basic production of these enterprises have been produced, which is 44 % more than in 2010. Gradually the release of auto components and their shipment to consumers increases also. In February the total volumes of their deliveries made 843 million roubles, as compared to 550 million roubles of January. The diversification production volumes at factories and the divisions also grow with advancing the forecasts of the business plan of the company.