Kamaz-Master at the Khazarskiye stepi motor rally

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Kamaz-Master at the Khazarskiye stepi motor rally

In April, 23 in the centre of Astrakhan city against the Kremlin walls there will start the second stage of Russia motor rally championship. During three days the top-rank racers of the country will strive for the victory on the roads of Astrakhan region.

The motor rally is a one-stage Russia truck championship. “KAMAZ-Master” has sent the participation inquiry for 4 teams.

One of their main goals for today is preparing the second line-up of the team. The company management has given three main vehicles to young pilots: Eduard Nikolaev, Andrey Karginov, Airat Mardeev. The forth coach pilot is Andrey Leontyev – a famous broadcaster, and “Autoplus” channel manager; Andrey Mochalov – the chief editor of www.all-roads.ru Internet portal - is the crew pilot, Sergey Reshetnikov – an experienced engineer, having participated not in single Dakar.

KAMAZ-Master teams, participating in “Khazarskiye stepi” motor rally:

Eduard Nikolaev/Vyacheslav Mizyukaev/Vladimir Chagin

Airat Mardeev/Robert Amatych/Anton Shibalov

Andrey Karginov/Stanislav Pogozhikh/Vladimir Rybakov

Andrey Leontiev/Alexey Mochalov/Sergey Reshetnikov