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Quick Wit Award
Prizes were presented to the winners of the Gruzovoz newspaper contest in the parking lot of Camping Turgai (Highway M7) on February 10. Victor Kovalev and Vyacheslav Shelomintsev received valuable prizes for their quick wit from ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association. They both work as drivers.

Viktor Nikolaevich, from Naberezhnye Chelny, has been driving trucks for 30 years, and has driven a KAMAZ on highways for a long time. He knows about ROSTAR products not by hearsay, he mounted pins produced by ROSTAR into his old KAMAZ. He never had to worry about them again. It is really like the ads proclaim in newspapers - 'mount them and forget about them. He was not awar that the company also manufactures spare parts for foreign trucks. He was really surprised! Recently our winner changed switched to a MAN truck. He said, the prize from ROSTAR (a torque rod for foreign trucks) came is just at the right moment.

– I will mount it as soon as I have time. I have to be sure that the truck will not break down somewhere on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. My MAN has a lot of mileage; it was imported from Germany. It already had 900,000km on its odometer when I got it.
The second winner Vyacheslav Shelomintsev from Omutninsk, in Kirov region, is a beginner long-haul driver. So far he drives shorter distances in his light-duty GAZelle truck. Unfortunately he was unable to come to the ceremony, as he was on a road trip.
In addition to the torque rod, both were awarded a booklet of traffic rules, pens and notepads with the ROSTAR logo and t-shirts with the KAMAZ-Master team logo.

Elena Migunova