The secret of the steering tip: oiled again - and for all!

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The secret of the steering tip: oiled again - and for all!

Only a scientific approach

The Russian manufacturer of spare parts - Scientific and Production Association "Rostar" - uses in his work only innovative methods and technologies of production.

"Horse" of the company - the production of spare parts for trucks that do not require maintenance over the life cycle. Today unmanned rocket to the nomenclature of the company has added a steering rod tip and traction to cars "KAMAZ".

Developing a new design steering and the steering rod tip was carried out taking into account the experience of the world's leading automakers. Trying to take the best from each, and not repeating the mistakes of other manufacturers, the company identifies possible areas of weakness and failure of steering direction at the design stage. When design takes into account the realities of Russian roads and even the psychology of the Russian driver! In addition, the designers sought to minimize the human impact on the quality of products. The result was a steering tip for cars "KAMAZ", requiring no maintenance. During the work on the creation of a new steering rod by "Rostar" received eight patents, but most importantly - created a reliable site that will be appreciated by drivers.

So not only have tanks!

Finger tip steering tests were held in 6 stages. After each of the stages in the design and manufacturing technology to make the necessary changes to get the best combination of strength (bending load up to 32 tons) and durability (1 million cycles under load 6 tons). Bench tests were conducted steering rod assemblies that mimic the work of the steering mechanism with a constant load. It looks as if the downloaded "eyeballs" dump truck, standing on quicksand, continuously rotate the wheel all the way to the right and to the left. After two months of use (8 hours per day, 5 days a week) traction lugs were cut in half for the study reported the presence of normal wear and tear, does not affect the performance of thrust. Play in the movable joints are not detected.

Currently completed road test track rods in off-road conditions, and the Far North.

Twelve cars with steering rods "Rostar" (including heavy trucks KAMAZ-6522), work in Nizhnevartovsk. Overcome mileage 75,000 km - comments to the steering tie rods do not. Feedback from the drivers' steering light "in any weather and on any road.

The secret - a high-tech equipment

Last year, at the company's "Rostar" was commissioned foreign automated production line of the latest generation for machining of steering tips.

High wear-hardened tip provides high frequency currents on modern equipment controlled by Siemens.

Total investment in the project to create a new generation of steering tips amounted to more than $ 4 million.

Only the "original" and only "set"

NPO "Rostar" well taken care of and that the purchaser of a new product could easily identify the original (factory) the origin of non-performing steering tips and links. Each rod is marked with a laser. The marking on the tip of the cap on the circle (logo, rod tip number and date of designation). Markers present on each tip. Included are nut and cotter pin.

"Do not podmazhesh - you will not go": this is not about KAMAZ

Technical regulations require drivers KAMAZov every 10 thousand miles to lay the grease in the steering tips. Now shpritsevat not need: not folding design does not require regular maintenance - high-quality lubricant laid for the life of the tip, so as not washed away in the hostile environment in the operation due to the high leakage site. When the installation is not necessary to collect all of the tip in part or as a node already assembled and ready to use. A small number of elements in the node reduces dimensions and weight, increases reliability and time-saving when replacing the vehicle.

Experts of the company declare that they attach importance to the smallest nuances in the production of spare parts. The warranty for steering and traction lugs for KAMAZ vehicles, as well as for all the products of "Rostar" is one year from date of purchase with no mileage limitation.