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Not having to appear on the stands of the leading trade shows and in the media, cars "KAMAZ" with a new air suspension of "Rostar" immediately attracted the attention of experts of the transport industry. In addition to the ride, which gives a huge advantage when driving on Russian roads and off-road, in the air suspension that was developed by one of the leading Russian companies producing auto parts, there is a special quality. It is designed so that the frame provides for movement of the vehicle from -100 to +180 mm from the base level. To do this, the design of the air suspension introduced special levers, long shock absorbers, cushions, designed to move large frame. This option allows you to not tap on virtually any site within a few minutes to remove and put on a different chassis swap bodies.

In Europe and America, this technology is a radical improvement in the use of the park called Swop body, in Russia, "Kamateyner." Already, the scope of the air suspension on the cars "KAMAZ" is quite diverse. Within the overall ideology of "Kamateyner" constantly expanding range of removable superstructures. Effective combinations of cars and superstructures offer special equipment for manufacturers and consumers new possibilities of multiple cost savings, increased revenue and profits.

The use of air suspension and possible heavy vehicles and light vehicles. It is noteworthy that the air suspension kits designed by "Rostar", designed for installation on the assembly line, and for the conversion of existing vehicles of spring. A distinctive feature of the new office "Rostar" in Nizhny Novgorod will be the opportunity for the first time in Russia to test the acquired technology directly into the customer's business processes, in its territory. That is, buyers are offered not just a test-drive the new and sometimes unfamiliar devices, and serious performance tests. Their term may be up to a month, if necessary, it can be increased. Today, these technical tests "kamateynera" from "Rostar" carry out two major postal operator of Russia.

Directly to the office with the participation of specialists of the manufacturer can negotiate the terms of adapting vehicles and demountable bodies to the specific requirements of clients - from a technical stuffing to coloring. In the nearest plans of the representation - providing training qualified technician, equipping it with the necessary equipment and tools.

Here, in Nizhny Novgorod, customers will be able to replace the leaf spring suspension on the pneumatic truck and get a complete list of services to adapt to the available vehicles of various removable add-manufactured goods and insulated vans, capacitive-filling equipment, utilities and building superstructures, concrete mixers. For the convenience of customers, an official representation on promotion fundamentally new technology NGO "Rostar" hosted by LLC "Nizhny Novgorod Center KAMAZ", which is able to provide all kinds of pre-training and service vehicles. The convenient location of the Center for Automotive highway M-7 on the road in the direction of Moscow, convenient access, branded design and extensive demonstration sites make it much easier to buyers all stages of the selection and purchase of vehicles represented.

Now users of the central part of the country there is no need to go to Naberezhnye Chelny - home pnevmoressornyh KAMAZ. "Kamateyner" itself comes to where it is most needed and where smart, zealous entrepreneurs can get the maximum benefit and significant competitive advantages through advanced development of one of the leaders of the Russian auto market - the company Rostar.

Office Address

Branch "NPO Rostar":

Nizhny Novgorod,

Moscow highway, 477,

"Nizhny Novgorod

Center KAMAZ ".

Tel.: +7 (831) 413-16-34.