Steering Linkage "KAMAZ": safe and secure!

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In 2012, was commissioned an automated line import of the latest generation for machining steering tips. The design of a new tip, maintenance free, developed by the company and has a minimum number of assembly parts, which increases the reliability of the site as a whole. Due to manufacturing technology wisely finger and body, use an anti-friction lubricant, tips NGO "Rostar" provide the most stringent requirements for clearances within a node, and low coefficient of friction, which provides them with minimal wear during operation. The first customers are able to evaluate the quality of steering tips NPO "Rostar." The next step was the development of the company producing reliable and maintenance-free steering rods for KAMAZ trucks. Today conducted the final test event to test the longitudinal and tie rods in real road conditions in different climatic regions of the country. About 30 trucks mounted with details of more than six months ROSTAR kneaded mud in the south and overcoming the virgin snow in northern Russia. Regular check-ups of experimental samples revealed no comments. The company's specialists believe that in March this year, when the tie rods, low-maintenance and will be on sale, Kamaz driver finally got a product that does not require constant lubrication and provide convenient control and movement of the vehicle. Steering Linkage of "Rostar" are made in compliance with all requirements of the geometric dimensions and design documentation. The accuracy and quality of manufacture will reduce wear on the tires of the truck and maximize safety. NGO "Rostar" well taken care of, that the buyer of products could easily identify the original (factory) background steering rods. Each rod is marked with a laser. Centered in a line along the axis of applied logo, number and date marking traction. Moreover, the marking is on the cover of the tip (logo, tip number and date marking traction) and is located on a circle. The complete set includes castle nut and cotter pin. Steering arms production "Rostar" will go on sale in a plastic sleeve with a sticker inside of which will be in the warranty card. "Your confidence - our pride!" - Experts say the company and believe that they can be proud of the results of their work, as estimated service life of 300 thousand km Warranty on tie rods for KAMAZ vehicles, as in all the company's products is one year from date of purchase with no mileage limitation.