From the Pacific Ocean during the turbulent flow line

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We represent KAMAZ 65117 on full air suspension, designed and manufactured by our company. This allows the suspension to lift the vehicle frame to the height needed to be placed side-hinged supports interchangeable body. After that, you can disengage the container fittings and lower the vehicle to free add-on chassis. Next, the car can go from cargo that remains in place. The whole process takes 5-7 minutes and requires no additional lifting equipment. Suspension design allows the car to finish loading 2m by moving apart axes.

Economically reasonable scope of the "KAMATEYNER" is very broad. Car and several removable superstructures can be effective in different places. You can eliminate the loss of time for loading - unloading work superstructures, control and anticipation.

In Europe, the popularity of trucks with swap bodies is that some types of trucks with a stationary body vanished.

Our car has passed all the required tests, in the most severe conditions.

Orders for the production of such suspension and the modernization of the car we are taking now!

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