ROSTAR Shock absorber: for real conditions

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Fluid leakage, weld tearing, braking of the auto component into pieces - these are the commonest things that can happen to a standard shock absorber on rough roads. ROSTAR suggest a new product - a pneumatic shock absorber (a twin tube oil shock absorber without a gas underthrust), which belongs to a Heavy Duty class (for extreme operating conditions). It is designed for actual operating conditions, taking into account the overloads and the condition of Russian roads. The advantages: Reinforced rod seal assembly with a double packing gland. The idea of the reinforced seal assembly (a double packing element) is that one element retains its elastic properties at - 45C to - 50 C, while the other element has a long service life. Thermostable fluids keep their properties at a temperature up to -60 C In extreme operating conditions the suspension vibrations are effectively damped; the heat elimination succeeds due to the big surface area of the outer reservoir Hydraulic rebound bumper protects shock absorber from breaking when it endures heavy loads. Hydraulic rebound bumper performs its function at the end of the rod motion (in the interval of 6-12 min). At this moment it produces the maximum hydraulic resistance (which is 10-12 times higher than the shock absorber hydraulic resistance in operating mode), thus preventing the shock absorber from breaking. The operation life is prolonged this is achieved due to increased strength properties of a hardened and chrome-plated rod as well as corrosion resistance and durability. The application of ROSTAR hydro-pneumatic shock absorbers: - 4310-2905006-01: for KAMAZ trucks of 4310 model and its modifications; - 53212-2905006-01: for KAMAZ trucks of 5320, 53212 models and their modifications; - 4308-2905004: for KAMAZ trucks of 4308 model and its modifications; - 65115-2905004-10: for KAMAZ trucks of 65115, 6520 models and their modifications; for URAL-63685 and MAZ