Brake lining your safety guarantee

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Brake lining  your safety guarantee
Friction pad is the most important component of the brake block. Its main purpose is to provide the required friction force while braking and to ensure friction coefficient stability. Mud, moisture or oil coming between drum and pad, makes the latter thinner. Its possible to save the brake block, by checking pad thickness, but here the main condition should be observed the pad must be of high quality.

ROSTAR brings forward friction pads with following characteristics:

- Optimal compressibility Pad compliance level influences the time which passes from the moment the brake pedal was pressed to the moment when breaking effort appeared. A too soft pad makes this time period too long, a too hard one can cause grinding sound while braking. Friction pads are tested for compressibility and have optimal parameters as a result. - Working layer availability Any exploitation stars with initial run. Brake block is not an exception: high temperature influences friction area and thus a working layer of friction material is formed. Thermal shock (high temperature pad surface processing on special equipment) forms working layer on pad surface before the exploitation starts. A processed pad makes the brake block ran in advance, and thats another advantage. -Proved reliability Test results prove that parts comply with standard safety requirements and guarantee the braking effectiveness. At the moment we produce brake lining for KAMAZ trucks without asbestos as well. You can buy one single part or a pack with 2, 4 or 8 pieces in it. Friction pads for URAL and MAZ will be available in autumn. The quality of brake block components is very important. We guarantee brake lining durability and reliability.