The new steering rod end great replace for the old one

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The new steering rod end  great replace for the old one
In order to increase reliability and durability of our product, ROSTAR started to produce new steering rod ends. You can enjoy improved design of the joint at a reasonable price in August already. Advantages: 1. The component is assembled and ready for operation - which means, you dont have to put together all the parts of the component in order to mount it. And if you have to replace it, there is no need to dismantle it- you just replace the end. 2. Lubrication provided by the manufacturer will last for the whole life time of the component. But if necessary, you can put some in casing groove (1/3 of capacity or less) 3. Minimum parts of component: end, ball stud, bushing, cup and casing. Thus, we increased reliability and lessened the weight (2.3 kg) and size of product. Consumer Responses to the question "Average mileage of the component for your truck in a year", during one of ROSTAR studies, let us state the following:
Replacement of steering rod end of modular construction
up to 50 ths. kmfrom 50 ths. km up to 100 ths. kmfrom 100 ths. km up to 150 ths. kmfrom 150 ths. km up to 200 ths. kmfrom 250 ths. km up to 250 ths. km
New steering rod end resource is significantly higher. Mileage is unlimited within the first year of warranty. Ball studs used in the construction and rod ends themselves proved their durability in laboratory tests. Component reliability is equal to its European counterparts which is natural for all ROSTAR products. There is one huge problem concerning rod ends of old design: their bushing wears out and it increases the backlash. I thought its a common problem until I mounted a ROSTAR rod end. I use this component from November on and it has withstood all weather conditions. The most appealing is that you dont need to lubricate the rod end. In a word, you simply enjoy the driving. says Nail Novoshirbanov, (truck driver with a 22 year work experience). The rod end was mounted on his truck on experimental basis. Its great when truck components dont bother you while you are busy at work. Have this nice experience with ROSTAR steering rod end.