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ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association began serial production of brake chambers with a spring accumulator of type 24/24. It is intended for vehicles MAZ, KAMAZ, KRAZ, as well as buses LAZ and IKARUS.

The company's innovation is distinguished by a whole list of characteristics, stemming from its construction and composing materials, which define a new level of quality and exploitation characteristics of the brake chamber and its advantage over analogous components.

As the testing showed, the fatigue strength of the diaphragm spring brake cylinder – one of the main components of the chamber – more than doubled. This was made possible by the subcomponents – the increased durability of the spring itself, its geometric fidelity, and the relaxation resistance. Fluoroplastic bearing significantly lowers the force during brake release, and the push rod of the piston-tube made of caprolactone lowers the friction coefficient of the membrane and, as a consequence, decreases its wear by a factor of two. The polymeric coating of the cylinder's body and cap doubles its corrosion resistance and halves the friction coefficient of the inner rubber seal facilitating smoother motions.

During the development of the brake chamber, important emphasis was put on the sealing aspects. In contrast with the corrugate seals, using high quality rubber in their design guarantees their lasting effectiveness for the entire lifespan of the housing of the cylinder. And finally, the lifespan of the cylinder's body was more than doubled. This was made possible by the use of bolts of special design, which are welded to the supporting surface and the vertical wall of the housing.

All these advantages of the ROSTAR novelty make it extremely reliable in any exploitation environment. The brake chamber, as is the case with all ROSTAR products, is covered by the warranty – one year with no mileage limit.