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Stroygazconsulting, LLC and ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association continue working on a joint project of testing suspension parts for vehicles operating in the extreme weather and road conditions of the Far North.

The largest construction holding Stroygazconsulting, which employs more than 11,000 units of equipment, including nearly six and a half thousand trucks, is especially interested in suppliers of reliable auto components with advanced performance qualities. Another scheduled business meeting was held in mid-October.

- The arsenal of construction equipment of Stroygazconsulting is constantly growing - states the head of the research and design department Vitali Abramov. - The last acquisition was 300 dump trucks, Mercedes-Benz Actros, delivered in September and assembled in Naberezhnye Chelny at the Russian-German joint venture Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok. In summary, our company's truck fleet, taking into account the previous supply from Germany, will number over 1,000 units.
The MB Actros trucks are widely used at the transpolar sites built by Stroygazconsulting. Maintenance of such trucks in the extreme road and weather conditions, off course, requires a special approach to the organization of repair and equipment maintenance and the provision of all the necessary auto parts that can easily withstand severe colds and operate off the road. This is especially true for the suspension parts that take on the lion's share of the load.
-Consequently - continues Vitali Viktorovich - the company experts are actively seeking technical and technological solutions to enhance operational properties of the vehicles and their fine-tuning to the extreme exploitation conditions. Undertaking it on their own or in collaboration with other developers and manufacturers of auto components. That is how Stroygazconsulting list of partners grew to include ROSTAR, a company from Naberezhnye Chelny, the famous developer and manufacturer of auto parts for domestic and foreign commercial transport.

- We are quite familiar with the problem of operating the vehicles on off the road terrain- comments the Executive Commercial Manager of ROSTAR Andrei Manukhin - and particularly at the lower temperatures: the critical amplitude of suspension travel, the devastating effect of temperature on the non-metal parts -- all this requires the development of suspension parts with advanced technical attributes. Our scientific and technical base allows us to develop and implement a batch production of any suspension component with the desired properties, effectively and on a short timeline.
In the opinion of Andrei Evgenevech, it is precisely this efficiency, together with scientific research potential of the company, not solely as a manufacturer but also a developer of auto components, became the determinant factor regarding the joint project with Stroygazconsulting.

The touchstone of this project - clarifies the lead designer of ROSTAR Sergei Chupin, - became the operational life testing of the 'northern type' of ROSTAR torque rods that were developed using a breakthrough frost-and-abrasion resistant rubber compound for a metal-rubber mounting that was specially designed to be very reliable and safe in tough road conditions and extremely low temperatures.
The results of these tests, performed on a URAL vehicle during the spring thaw, in the first stage confirmed the alleged performing traits of the ROSTAR rods. This coming winter the rods are due to face the final testing stage. But already, both parties agree on the assessment of the obtained results and the practicality of a prompt completion of tests of the entire experimental line of ROSTAR auto components developed to satisfy the requirements of a well-known client and undergo rigorous real life testing.

The entire experimental line of suspension parts, built for large scale operating tests, is quite numerous. It includes more than ten best-selling suspension components, the ones that are needed the most in the Stroygazconsulting truck fleet. Among them -- the anti-roll stay bushings, equalizing spring and balancer, anti-roll rubber bushings, torque rods and V-shaped rods... The entire test of experimental line of suspension parts is scheduled to be completed in the first half of the 2012. In the second half of the next year ROSTAR plans to begin serial supply of suspension components, especially designed to be used in extreme road and climate conditions of the Far North.

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Stroygazconsulting - the largest construction holding in Russia Federation, that includes the administrative company (Stroygazconsulting, LLC) and more than 30 industrial enterprises. The holding builds sites at the gas-condensate fields, performs construction and major repairs of the trunkline, builds roads, and objects of industrial and social infrastructure. Main clients: OJSC "Gazprom", OJSC "AK Transneft", OJSC "Lukoil", Nord Stream AG and Federal Highway Agency of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. In August 2011 the International Agency Engineering News Record declared Stroygazconsulting to be the first among the building constructors of Russian Federation and the fortieth in the world.