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The Director General of ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association, Sergey Klyuchnikov says the consumer knows very well that the quality of our product is worth the money paid for it.
As we reported earlier, the 11th International Specialized Exhibition COMTRANS'2011 took place between September 13 and 17 at IEC "Crocus Expo" in Moscow. The COMTRANS exhibition is included in the official calendar of the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA). It has become the largest exhibition of commercial vehicles in the world in 2011. This year the exhibition gathered 320 companies from Russia, CIS and other countries. These companies represent leading global and domestic manufacturers of trucks, buses, trailers, special equipment and auto components.
Among others, ROSTAR presented a wide variety of products, designed for both imported and domestic commercial vehicles: different types of rods - V-shaped and torque rods, repair kits, silentblocks, rubber-metal joints, rubber goods, air springs, brake systems, composite polymer material parts and thermoplastic elastomer parts and so on.
In short, every visitor of the ROSTAR stand had interesting products to see and could satisfy his interest in the company and its products. This interest was supported not only by the exhibits, but also by extensive supporting documentation such as visual aids, catalogs, promotional videos and slides.
- Our participation in this exhibition is not a coincidence. This is an excellent opportunity to show our products at such a high level, both in terms of strengthening the image of ROSTAR and in terms of our commercial interests, - said the Commercial Director, Andrey Manyuhin, in his interview with journalists. I would like to note that we also got special attention from foreign auto spare part manufactures who are ready to sell their products under our brand name. They highly value our distribution network, and also our ability to promote our products in Russia and CIS.
The main advantage of this exhibition is the fact that leading companies in the industry of commercial vehicles and auto components choose COMTRANS as the most efficient business platform. One will not see any casual visitors here or simply onlookers. This is the place to meet for manufactures and companies that need quality motor-vehicle products.
- Every contact at this exhibition is very important for us, whether it is a wholesale supplier with a retail chain, a single auto shop or a spare parts shop, - said the Commercial Director. As you know, the distribution network of ROSTAR for the secondary market falls into two parts: a sales network for domestic commercial vehicles and a sales network for trucks of foreign brands. Of course, both systems operate by their own working processes, but there is one common aspect, which lies in the basis of our marketing policy - we actively support our product from the time it leaves the company. We provide information and advertising support, monitor product presence in retail sales and, although we do not work directly in this sector, educate sales personnel. We require a similar level of care about the ROSTAR brand from our distributors and dealers.
The booth of ROSTAR turned into an area of many discussion every day of the exhibition. We say 'intensive' because ROSTAR products strengthen their market positions every year due to its consumer usability and quality equal to international standards. The brand attracts more and more new partners and also consumers of auto components. This especially appeals and promotes the rating of all ROSTAR products, for both commercial vehicles manufactured in Russia and foreign truck brands.
- We signed many great contracts with our business partners - raw material suppliers and consumers of our products, - says Director General of ROSTAR, Sergey Klyuchnikov. - I can speak with confidence that we will have many new orders coming in both from truck manufacturers and secondary market companies.
According to AUTOSTAT, the analytical agency, the total volume of Russian market of automotive components and spare parts in 2011 will amount to 37.5 billion U.S. dollars. More than half of this volume is in the secondary market. Moreover, the share of foreign vehicles makes up 70% of the market. According to the studies, most of the auto components and spare parts for foreign vehicles are not made in Russia instead they are imported from other countries. Each year, Russian motor-vehicle industry purchases 60-80 billion Rubles worth of high quality auto components from foreign manufacturers. Therefore, the Russian market remains one of the most attractive markets to launch spare parts production here.
Unfortunately, the quality of domestically manufactured auto components is far from the world standards. When analyzing the quality of Russian and foreign motor-vehicle industry, Alexei Rakhmanov, the Director of Department of Automotive and Agricultural Machinery at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, compared the quality of auto component manufacturing to the quality of food in cafes and restaurants. He compared Russian vehicles and auto components with meatballs made solely out of bread crumbs. This just doesn't work.
We provided the above information from AUTOSTAT about the market of domestic auto components with a purpose in mind. The work of ROSTAR, its reputation clearly testifies to the fact that there is a new kind of auto component companies in the Russian market - the companies that do not offer 'meatballs' of questionable quality to their consumer; the companies that offer competitive products which meet stringent demands of consumers.
The work of ROSTAR distinguishes it from other manufacturers of auto components. The company designs and manufactures products ahead of its time, by anticipating the current market needs and requirements. The company sets new milestones of quality in the field of domestic auto component and foreign trucks markets. During business meetings at ROSTAR booth, often people could hear the words competitive advantage, innovation, uniqueness, advanced technology, European level ... and all of these words were referring to ROSTAR products.
- As a result of these in-person talks, we have received many questions and suggestions from representatives of spare parts retail chains, - said Sergey Klyuchnikov, summing up the results of exhibition. We will not leave any questions unattended. The suggestions from our distribution network and large wholesalers were associated primarily with expanding the product line and increasing product volumes. It's gratifying to hear that. This is a testimony to a growing demand of our products due to their quality and competitiveness.
- How far will ROSTAR go to meet the wishes of its partners?
- As far as we need to. We are ready to significantly expand the variety of ROSTAR automotive components, raise the volume of supply and extend sales areas. First and foremost, this exhibition has confirmed that we are ready to do that for manufacturers of foreign commercial vehicles.
Especially, I would like to mention a new level of relations we have with motor vehicle manufacturing enterprises. We are entering a new niche in our collaborations. We are not just carrying out the supply of spare parts, but are also actively developing new engineering solutions that are aimed to improve the performance of the car, provide comfortable driving. Of course, the quality of auto components is of utmost importance to us. This is a very complex issue, first, to predict, and then to achieve the targeted product quality and, most importantly, to keep it up in the long term. Our company has learned to manage this complex process. The main evidence of that is the growing demand for ROSTAR auto components. That means that the consumer usability, consistent quality as compared to international counterparts of our products is consistent with consumer demands. The consumer knows very well that the quality of our product is worth the money paid for it.

Aleksei Dvinskiy