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Business Partners on ROSTAR
Within the framework of COMTRANS'2011 - the 11th International Specialized Exhibition - ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association held a meeting with its business partners and its dealers.
Denis Abramov, Director General of TruckMotors, Moscow.
- Our business is client-oriented and we strive to anticipate the market trends and meet the demands of our consumers. I can state that all consumers know about the ROSTAR products. Not only do they know these products, they approve of them, appreciate them, and actively purchase them. Of paramount importance for the end-consumer, and for us as well, is the reliability of the ROSTAR components, their high quality and attractive price. If this quality combination will persist in the future and their product range will widen, I am certain the company will enjoy continued success.
Dmitri Anikin, Director General of TechnoCityPlus, Novosibirsk.
- In Siberia we are probably the largest supplier of the products of the ROSTAR brand, moreover all of the variety of the ROSTAR products for the domestic commercial transport are in high demand by our customers. As the director of the company, whose business is closely linked with ROSTAR, I value the fact that this enterprise, unlike many others, develops and produces its own quality auto parts. First and foremost in research and development are ideas, a vision of tomorrow, new perspectives. And this, I believe, is a very important trump card in the business of ROSTAR."
Sergei Dun, Engineering Director of AutoKrAZ, Ukraine.
- We know and see how rapidly ROSTAR has advanced forward through the years. At the company’s stand we were introduced to a whole range of new ROSTAR auto components, developed and produced by the company, which will be interesting to all automakers. And us among them. I saw an air suspension from ROSTAR – great! Why should we order one from abroad, when we can successfully employ this one, especially for the price that will satisfy both KAMAZ and AutoKrAZ. I really liked the torque rod: it is more reliable and more advanced in its configuration – utilizing a rubber bushing instead of a ball stud – which helps eliminate unnecessary lubrication points. This is very important.
Evgeny Stepanov, Executive Commercial Manager of Auto Tech Center, Tsaritsyn, the Volgograd region.
- We have been working with ROSTAR for more than five years and do not regret it. If our consumers choose ROSTAR products and ask – give them to us, we provide as many as they demand. There were never any complaints regarding these products throughout all these years. I can say even more – for us there is no alternative to the auto components by ROSTAR - regardless of who is manufacturing compatible products. Today, one of the main issues facing our company is the increase in the sales due to the consistent demand growth for these products. We are successfully moving these products not only in the Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, but in the Republic of Kalmykia.
Sergei Gavrilov, Director General of Gruz Auto-zapasnye Chasti, Saint-Petersburg.
Our relationship with ROSTAR began only recently, but it gained steam quickly and is very productive. The ROSTAR brand is of higher quality and of competitive price, which is essential for this market. Given this, it's impossible not to present it, particularly in our North-Western region where information on the ROSTAR auto components for the European trucks is not fully introduced. Not everyone knows about the brand. Our goal is, while distributing these products, to make them well-known in this region. I'd like to say that everyone who has already came across these products, is of a very high opinion about its qualities. I believe that ROSTAR is the company of tomorrow. Comparable products are very hard to find on the market of auto components.