LEAN Motor of the Progress

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LEAN  Motor of the Progress
Research-and-production association Rostar is actively adopting its own production system of the company, based on the principles of Lean Production: steady pursuit to reduction of manufacture cycle time by elimination of all types of wastes, maximal focus on the consumer and involvement of each employee into process of business optimization. Project leader Roman Polkovnikov speaks about necessity of creating original Production System of ROSTAR: - Nowadays foreign companies, which lead such work for a long time already and have their own Production System, that lets them be in more advantageous position among Russian manufacturers, have already come or are coming to the Russian market. And leading Russian companies, and the pioneer in this field was KAMAZ, understand, that they cant do without their own effective production system today: in order to be competitive, and also in the market of spare parts, to develop and manufacture needed production on the level of world standards with minimum costs and the best consumer characteristics, it is necessary to transfer the whole production process of the company on the rails of Lean Production. No other way exists today. And our task, task of developers of Production System Rostar is to provide the employees with toolkit, which will allow them to fulfill their direct duties with optimal results.