Special Mission of ROSTAR

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Special Mission of ROSTAR
A specially designed escort vehicle NEFAZ will be participating in Silk Way Rally 2011. The vehicle has a unique rear air suspension installed that uses auto components developed and manufactured by ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association.
For many years ROSTAR products, such as rubber-mechanical goods, torque rods and air springs, have been used in the design of the KAMAZ rally trucks, which had led the team KAMAZ-master to the winning podium ten times in one of the most difficult rallies - Dakar Rally. Amidst mud-locked roads of this trans-continental marathon ROSTAR brand products got the highest grade of quality and reliability.
ROSTAR Research-and-Production Association is a fast growing company in the industry of design and manufacturing of auto components. The company continuously updates the variety of its products, and consistently brings new products out into the market.
Recently the company launched the unique rear air suspensions for heavy-duty trucks. The in-house design comprised the best consumer requirements that can often be seen in other products of internationally recognized auto manufactures. As expected, the testing process preceded serial manufacturing launch. The performed tests confirmed high quality and consumer appeal of the air suspension.
However, the company management team took it a step further and decided to prepare a specially designed four-wheel drive KAMAZ-4326, equipped with the new rear air suspension from ROSTAR to participate in Silk Way Rally 2012. Hence the vehicle NEFAZ appeared in Dakar rally.
The vehicle is about to endure a difficult route and has a special mission to accomplish. Firstly, it has to complete the rally route in six days. Secondly, it will need to complete the route while carrying a valuable load - the journalists. The international
and Russian media journalists, covering the rally, have to be present at the high-speed rally points for the shooting.
Therefore, the media vehicle, equipped by ROSTAR, has quite a challenge of all typwith a variety of road and weather conditions ahead of it. We will only know if the vehicle and especially the new ROSTAR air suspension pass the test when it crosses the finish line.
For inquiries to purchase the originally developed and manufactured ROSTAR rear air suspension, please refer to the Sales Development Department at ROSTAR by phone at +7 (8552) 77-86-73, 77-86-74 ext. 133.